2 Night Tours

Habibi - 2D/2N
CroppedImage470320-4f0cbfc9925ed_729_h10t ON SALE!  
  This action packed 2 day 2 night Whitsundays Sailing tour visits all the hot spots in the Whitsundays Islands. Sail and snorkel to your hearts content and enjoy this fun filled trip on Habibi....
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From $350.00

Whitsunday Blue - 2D/2N
CroppedImage470320-54efdfbe1d1de_14_whitsunday-blue-guest-sit-at-back ON SALE!  
Go on... spoil yourself. Only eight guests in four private double cabins.
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From $400.00

Broomstick - 2D/2N
CroppedImage470320-4e8a573f12c87_1170_hammer-guests-relax-while-sailing ON SALE!  
Prepare for an exciting adventure on maxi racing yacht Broomstick!
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From $419.00

New Horizon - 2D/2N
CroppedImage470320-4e1e291f3cc06_156_race-day-032 PARTY BOAT ON SALE!  
New Horizon, a 97 foot beautiful wooden schooner, unbeatable in the budget market. With Air con, spacious cabins, movie lounge, dive platform, paddleboards and a 7metre inflateable waterslide.  This...
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From $429.00

Tongarra - 2D/2N
CroppedImage470320-4e5dc6a1dadc6_1510_bottomleft SAVE $50!  
Tongarra is ideal for singles and groups of friends and is geared towards the young, fun loving, adventurous backpacker with a sense of humor. With a reputation for being the ultimate fun backpacker e...
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From $439.00

On Ice - 2D/2N
CroppedImage470320-4ea113c69593c_759_pb150196 ON SALE!  
Avoid the crowds on this luxury catamaran! SUP, clear kayak and sea scooter for use on board. Maximum 10 people. 
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From $449.00

Blizzard - 2D/2N
CroppedImage470320-4e939733a4c47_759_124i1069b ON SALE!  
Blizzard - one of the latest and greatest yachts in town! Built in late 2011 it is the ultimate whitsundays sailing yacht combining performance and comfort, she carries a maximum of 10 Guests in 5 sep...
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From $449.00

Wings 2 - 2D/2N (Mon, Wed, Sat)
Wings Whitsunday Adventures operate a well established Sailing tour in the Whitsunday Islands on board a beautifull sailing catamaran with aircon for maximum comfort. An unforgettable 2 day 2 nigh...
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From $459.00

British Defender - 2D/2N
CroppedImage470320-4e8a51c172725_14_bdpeopleonsidelores On Sale!  
See the Whitsundays on a fast maxi racing yacht - a great choice for social 18-30's. Relax, rig, sail, snorkel and enjoy a few drinks with friends new and old!
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From $479.00

Boomerang - 2D/2N
CroppedImage470320-4f838209333e0_14_boomerang-hotsailing ON SALE!  
Adventure sailing at its best on maxi racing yacht Boomerang!
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From $479.00

Condor - 2D/2N
CroppedImage470320-50330c5a14ccd_1170_condorsailingstern1 ON SALE!  
Hop aboard Condor for an experience of a lifetime on a maxi yacht with extensive racing history!
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From $479.00

Prima - 2D/2N
CroppedImage470320-4e6454139dab2_238_p1060236 ON SALE!  
PRIMA - Small group, BIG ADVENTURE! 2 day/2 night Whitsundays sailing trip. Sail, Snorkel, Explore the Whitsundays. Cruising the Whitsundays on 47ft charter yacht with A/C and comfortable accommodatio...
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From $479.00

Atlantic Clipper- 2D/2N
CroppedImage470320-4e1e3509f314e_157_clipper-sunset-booklet ON SALE!  
The ultimate party boat! Massive air conditioned cruising yacht with 2 waterslides, a 6 metre dive platform, 21 cabins, hot showers, a 12 person heated jacuzzi and dive facilities. 
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From $499.00

Powerplay - 2D/2N
CroppedImage470320-4ec226edba41d_1815_powerplay-back-of-boat-guests1 ON SALE!  
Cruising and Exploring on a fast powered catamaran in the Whitsundays!
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From $500.00

Adventurer 2D2N
After sunset, relax under the stars in the Jacuzzi, take a proper walk in shower, observe the sea life attracted by high tech below surface blue lights or watch an entertaining slide show. You...
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From $525.00

Eureka - 2.5D/2N
CroppedImage470320-4e8a5657cafab_1170_broomstick-helping-to-pull-up-sails ON SALE!  
Eureka is a Sydney 60ft Race Yacht, with well appointed, spacious and modern interior perfect for small group sailing. Take the wheel or get involved with hoisting the sails whilst seeing the best des...
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From $529.00

Kiana - 3D/2N
CroppedImage470320-4d65eee2e8595_16_kiana-exterior-low-res ASK ABOUT OUR DAILY SPECIALS!  
The only small number vessel that ventures to the 'Outer' Great Barrier Reef with only 14 passengers. Don't forget that the 1st dive is included.
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From $749.00

Whitsunday Getaway - 2D/2N
CroppedImage470320-4d65f07de21a9_16_whitsunday-getaway-whitehaven-low-res ASK ABOUT TODAYS SPECIAL!  
Go on... spoil yourself. Only eight guests in four private queen cabins with ensuites.Sailing in Style - Sail the Whitsundays on board this late model stylish FULLY air-conditioned catamaran.
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From $795.00

Whitsunday Bliss - 3D/2N
 Bliss offers Luxury Sailing Tours of the Whitsunday Islands. Built in Australia by Azzura Yachts on the Gold Coast, at 60ft Bliss offers plenty of space to relax in the cockpit, saloon or your...
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From $1,390.00